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Development Boilerplate

After the completion of the NVQ Now! project, I suggested to the team that it might be a good idea to develop some kind of a boilerplate for in-house projects, along with a series of visual style guidelines for our projects.

The reason being that the NVQ Now! project was difficult to work on, due to the fact that we had to rush to find the best way to share code between the members of the design team, and we had to carefully co-ordinate our efforts to maintain the styling that was already created, without accidentally overwriting or changing something along the way. Without some kind of standardisation for our code and design style, it would become increasingly challenging to maintain consistency with our projects, and the code base itself would be extremely hard to maintain.

Thankfully, after a few team meetings where we discussed the ins and outs of this particular line of thought, the rest of the team unanimously agreed that development of these materials would be very beneficial to us going forward, so we set to work compiling everything.

My role in this series of side projects was to create a development boilerplate which would standardise our code structure and file organisation, as well as helping us code faster by integrating available web frameworks and coding best practices. I would also collaborate with the rest of the design team in creating design style guides for our department.

In order to create a boilerplate that would be structurally sound and functional, I would first need to research different web development frameworks and interactive style guides that are currently available, to compile a library of best practices, and then put them together into an organised boilerplate of our own. As this is a continually evolving project, there is no deadline for its completion.

The boilerplate itself should ensure that projects completed are compatible with the browser baseline of Internet Explorer 7+, due to the fact that a large number of computers within the college still run older versions of Windows with no upgrading roadmap present.

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