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Intraining is a training provider acquired by NCG that is based in the Midlands. When they were acquired, there was a need to update their branding to be more modern, and to fall in line with the rest of the NCG services provided, so the design team including myself at e-Learning set about redesigning everything for the client.

Along with a full UX and IA process, I also worked to develop the front-facing UI, and worked with the systems development team to integrate everything into the Sharepoint backend CMS system NCG uses throughout the group. This is an example concept which is based on the structural wireframes I had developed at the end of the UX/IA process, and demonstrates an experimental layout idea we had for Intraining, where we utilised the full width of the viewport, split into quarters, with clear and distinct functionality requirements for each section of the viewport: the left column is for secondary navigation, the central double column is all content, and the right column is for asides and widgets. This, along with a responsive typographic boilerplate, would help to bring focus to the content. There was also an intention to create a styleguide and usage document to accompany the final design.

The actual design was completed externally to e-Learning by the Marketing department at NCG, however, so this visual concept and styleguide is unused. The full-width structural framework however was adapted into the final product.

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