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Kidderminster College

Kidderminster is a popular, high-performing youth college in the Midlands that was recently acquired by NCG, and as such, there was a request to the design team at e-Learning to redesign the college's site to be more modern, and more in line with the rest of the group's services.

In the past, the college's head staff members felt that the old site was poorly designed, and difficult to navigate. Our mandate was to look at the user experience and information architecture of the current site, and resolve as many issues as possible, while working in new features such as a self-building custom prospectus, a simplified application form, and more socially oriented feeds and sharing options. I spent a number of weeks working through the UX and IA process, and restructured most of the site's information to be easier to access, along with developing a skeleton framework that would allow them to add on detailed course information sheets that could be compiled into a custom prospectus, saving the college time and money on printing.

This concept utilises the end deliverables from the completed UX and IA process, but the design itself will be completed by NCG's Marketing department, so this visual concept will be unused. However, I feel that a number of structural and visual elements from this concept can be utilised in the final design, whatever it looks like when it is completed.

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