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NCGOnline is an internally-developed suite of applications for managing course activity for both students and tutors, that replaced the use of Blackboard within the college. It started out fairly small, but as needs continued to grow, it expanded until it became very difficult to manage. As a result, the user interfaces are disconnected, and the overall UX of the suite is complex and ungainly. My task was to look at the overall suite, and find ways to restructure everything to make usage less painful and easier to manage.

This would also mean redesigning LearnerView, the primary application in the suite, which is essentially a dashboard and management application for course activity. I looked to strip out any functionality that wasn't required in LearnerView, such as messaging and notifications, and move them to a universal navigation if required, along with redesigning the visual style of the application, and restructuring the information. I also changed the numbers-only Overview panel into a dashboard with infographics, to make visual processing of data more intuitive.

Content pages would have a coloured header to distinguish each section, but would all feature a universal set of layout modules to ensure that the overall design language of the suite is adhered to.

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