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Neon Legal

This was a short client-led project which was run as a competition between the first and second years of the Digital Media course. The brief was to redesign and rebrand a local legal practice that specialises in pensions, as they were planning on relocating to new premises, and wished to refresh their online presence.

For this project, I looked at improving the information architecture first, to reduce the amount of non-essential information on the initial load of the site, and to simplify the navigation. This led to the decision of designing the site as a single-page long-scroll site, as it would allow me to place all of the important information for the site on the very first page, with the navigation jumping to specific sections of the site. This also allowed me to simplify the design of the site greatly.

Designing a single-page site also allowed me to use a structured grid to create the various responsive layouts. As I have experience for designing for responsive from previous projects, I opted to base the grid on a 1088px grid, which is what Bourbom Neat uses by default, as it would allow me to easily translate the design to code if required.

For the design, I used a monochromatic palette based on a purple colour taken from the original logo, as using this colour and variants would help to reinforce this colour as a brand colour. I feel that it also gave a lot of balance and contrast to the design by simplifying the amount of colours used on the site.

The design itself was created in Sketch, which has become by go-to UI design app due to the speed in which I can output different views. The entire design and all alternate views were completed within the space of three days.

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