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Newcastle College Student Intranet

For this project, I was tasked to come up with a series of concepts that redesigned and restructured the current implementation of the Newcastle College Student Intranet system, that gives students a place to access college-related news, events and services. The current design was dated, monochromatic and rushed into development, and my task would be to look at the user experience and user interface of the current implementation, and find ways to improve everything so it would be friendlier and more attractive to students.

In terms of the concept, I looked to reorganise both the navigation and the displayed content metadata to allow the user to find information more easily. Sections would be clearly split up and defined on-site, and the navigation would clearly mark where the user was on the site, and how they could navigate both vertically and horizontally through. Content metadata was developed with the aim of easily categorising and tagging related content, opening the design up to allow jumping-off points to related content areas. The design aimed to maintain elements of the existing implementation, as well as elements of Newcastle College's standard branding.

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