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I worked at Hedgehog Lab as an intern for a brief period between February 2014 and March 2014, to help them with their pitch projects as they were inundated with client work. The major project I worked on for them was the creation of a concept UI for New Zealand/Australia banking firm Westpac, who were running a competition for an app idea that could solve a problem with banking in a creative way.

The idea I settled on after discussing the project with my colleagues was the creation of a weekly payment calendar that could track incoming/outgoing transactions. This calendar would also simplify your statement, making it easier to understand by only displaying information relevant to the user (money in/out, due dates etc), and more importantly, it would allow the user to set alarms to alert the user when payments are due.

We also looked at ways to make banking more ubiquitous, by integrating the app with iCloud to utilise data-sharing between devices. The argument for this was by integrating the app deeply with iOS, the app would become a part of the phone, making it natural to use. Integrating with iCloud also ensures that the basic app idea is functional on a variety of different devices.

For this to work, I worked to design an app that had a very simple UI. I looked at highly focused apps such as the built-in Weather app, to research ways to simplify the UI to something that would be natural and intuitive to use. The decision to use a week-to-view style look for the primary screen was because it was the best way to condense information into a small space, as a full calendar takes up a lot of space. Displaying “before” and “after” balance totals provides the user with a quick view of their financial situation, which helps keep the user up-to-date and aims to avoid any unforeseen financial surprises.

The entire UI for the iPhone, Mac and Apple TV concepts were created in Bohemian Coding’s Sketch for Mac. I noted that after the Wanderlust app project, I felt that Photoshop was not suited to creating complex UI projects with a multitude of alternate screens, and I needed a faster app to keep up with tight deadlines. What I had used of Sketch before this project impressed me, enough to try it out on a major project, and I was not disappointed with it. The entire UI set was created within the space of three days’ worth of work.

With regards to the Mac version of the UI, I added the concept for the menulet bar control as a way to present alerts and notifications quickly without the need to dive into Notification Center.

For the Apple TV concept, this was more experimental, as Apple TV currently does not allow the loading of third-party apps. I based the UI on the iPhone version but with more use of whitespace, along with considerations for Apple Remote-based navigation. Also, because a TV is a public device, I purposely obscured a lot of personal information in the notifications as a way to provide personal security. I feel that with a bit of extra time invested, the Apple TV concept could be fleshed out into a more unique design.

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