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Photo taken at Stunfest 2013

About Me

I am a 30+ year old aspiring digital media designer and developer looking to make my way in the industry, of which I have been a small part of for the past decade. Self-taught for the most part, I have a lot of interest in both static and interactive forms of creative media, with particular interest in photography, graphic and website design, interactive media forms, and even music production.

I am influenced a great deal by Japanese graphic and product design, particularly the bright, vibrant colors and chunky typography that is prevalent in some of the best Japanese designs. I also have a great deal of love for The Designers Republic, specifically for their album covers for Gatecrasher, Warp Records and their artwork for the video game series Wipeout, and they have been the biggest influence in my tastes in design. As tDR are currently no more, I have become interested in ex-tDR member Michael C. Place’s work with his design company Build, a company which shares many genetic traits with tDR in their design work.

As a regular video gamer, I take a lot of ideas from the interfaces I see in video games, particular in iconography, heads-up-display design, and interaction design. Menus such as the node map-style main menu in Nintendo’s Metroid Prime 2 have interested me greatly, and I have attempted to construct similar interfaces using Flash and Javascript.

Outside of my interest in the creative arts, I am an avid photographer, trained in the use of 35mm SLR cameras (but preferring to use a compact Canon Digital IXUS 860IS and my iPhone). I try and travel when possible, and prefer landscape and abstract photography to portraiture, but like to try my hand at all forms of photography when possible. I am also a hobbyist musician, currently learning to play electric guitar, and as I love to listen to trance, techno and other genres of electronic music, I’ve also started looking at learning to remix and create music electronically using Ableton Live and the vast array of VSTi/Audio unit plugins available.

So yeah, I’m a little bit creative. ^_-